Nova IVF Fertility

•               Benefits to Nova IVI Fertility–          Lab set up & Upgradation–          Training, monitoring & Review of Embryologists & Consultants–          Technology Transfer : Embryo grading system, Cryotop Vitrification, SIVIS & Reflection–          Quality control initiatives–          Quality Management–          TroubleshootingExpertise •      &nbs

Nova IVF Fertility

•               Benefits to Nova IVI Fertility

–          Lab set up & Upgradation

–          Training, monitoring & Review of Embryologists & Consultants

–          Technology Transfer : Embryo grading system, Cryotop Vitrification, SIVIS & Reflection

–          Quality control initiatives

–          Quality Management

–          Troubleshooting


•               Consultants – 2 in every centre.

•               Embryologist – In-house, at least  2 in every centre

•               Andrologist – in every centre to handle male infertility

•               Counsellors – Financial and physcological counsellor in every centre 

•               2 embryologist from IVI, Spain  - provides leadership to the clinical embryology teams & responsible for developing , monitoring & adherence to clinical protocols, training & evaluation of embryologists

•               NIF provides opportunities to pursue academic interests like authoring papers & conduct research. Till now we have published 20+ original articles, 21 paper presentations & have written 10 articles for different textbooks

The Lab

•              Separate Andrology & Embryology Lab

•              Andrology lab:

–           Equipped with Laminar Air flow, incubator & centrifuge machine

–           Strict semen analysis parameters – Pre-was & post wash analysis done

–           One sample is processed & analysed at one time, avoids mixing

–           Printed reports are given

•              Embryology Lab:

–           Located towards end of the center

–           Standard & strict SOPs

–           Class 10,000 modular laboratory

Advanced Technology

•               Laboratories conform to European standards for equipment, operating protocols and clean room standard

•               High value infrastructure

–            Full proof air handling unit

–            3 types of incubators – Heracell, Benchtop & Time lapse incubator

–            High precision microscope

–            Separate refrigerators for media storage

–            Separate laminar air flows for media preparation & gamete screening

–            Separate freezing and biopsy room

–            Use of toxic free consumables,

–            Separate cryocans for patients with infectious diseases

–            Use of international quality media and consumables

•               Droplet culture method for embryo growth

•               Unique embryo grading system for NIF

•               Surplus embryos: Frozen at blastocyst stage

Advanced Technology

•               Expertise to perform :

–            MACS

–            DFI

–            Laser assisted hatching –

–            eSET

–            Blastocyst culture

–            Advanced genetic services:

–            Cryotop vitrification : Use of Kitazato kit- the best and most expensive in the world

•               Stringent quality assurance and quality control

–            Standard & strict SOPs

–            Regular audits of doctors, embryologists and laboratory by IVI Spain

–            Maintaining laboratory environment and monitoring on day to day basis

–            Periodic validation of procedures/ equipment

–            Annual Lab stop

IT Infrastructure

•              Use of UBQ Medics & SIVIS for clinical application

•              Medics: supports front end functions, billing etc

•              SIVIS: proprietary software developed by IVI.

•              Stores patients information in the form of EMR from 1st OPD to ET and clinical pregnancy, if any.

•              The information is stored real-time.

•              This helps us in

–            Evidence based practice since we have data of all the cases treated at NIF

–            Helps us in performing retrospective studies

•              Reflections software:  Special software developed for embryologists for daily monitoring , which is monitored by IVI

Ethical Practices

Ethical By Choice Not By Chance!

•              Clinical:

–         Need based treatment plan for every patient

–         Optimal stimulation protocols

–         Informed consent at every stage

–         Self- cycles: self embryo transferred, No mixing of gametes

–         OHSS Free clinics

–         Double witnessing to rule out errors during transfer

–         Max 2 embryo transferred per cycle

–         Surplus embryos – grown till blastocyst stage & then stored – can be used for the same patient/can be used for research/can be thrown

•              Commercial:

–         Standard cost for every patient

–         One price for all

Donation Program at NIF

•              Use of gametes/ embryos intended for donation program

•              OD cycles –

–        Extensive Screening for donors

–        Dedicated donor

–        No Sharing  gametes of existing couples for donation

•              ED Cycles –

–        Extensive Screening for donors

–        No Sharing of leftover embryos of existing couples for donation

Transparency in Treatment

•              Real time data capturing and monitoring by SIVIS